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“Finally I can photobomb myself!”

NO… Finally WE can photobomb you.


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Woodkid - ‘THE GOLDEN AGE’ feat. Max Richter ‘EMBERS’

I LOVE this album so much, (and in live it’s EPIC)

In fact I think he could release a video for every song on the album that doesn’t bother me. 

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snowy kiss -Shohei Matsumoto remix- (short ver.) 

I LOVE the Shohei Matsumoto remix of snowy kiss, so just for fun I’ve made a kind of PV (it’s been a while that I haven’t play with Adobe premiere, so It’s really simple =D)

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Penny In Yo Pants

Simple & Clever, I LIKE THAT !

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Interactive speaker and lamp by Richard Clarkson.


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Still one of her best summer song 

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Very moving (french) song I love, about an African man wandering in the streets of paris, after emigrating because of the war in his country 

"dreaming,  is something at least. "

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this gifset has broken me

there isn’t enough Benedict on my blog these days, so…

I love this song and its PV so much…

Colours is probably one of my favorite Ayu’s album (yes after I’am…, Duty, (miss)understood and memorial adress ha ha), I don’t know why, it speaks to me.

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Princess Mononoke print!